Our Salon


Shear Honesty has been a fixture in the town of Huntington for over 75 years. Originally called House of Blond when it first opened in 1941, it’s name was changed to Shear Honesty nearly 50 years ago and it has continued to flourish since that time. At Shear Honesty we pride ourselves in providing the most cutting edge services to meet all of our clients hair, spa, and beauty needs. In addition, we offer a full line of the highest quality beauty products that are used by our professionals and are available for purchase. At Shear Honesty, our goal is to make you feel special in an environment that is comfortable, welcoming and beautiful. The professional staff at Shear Honesty is here to consult with you, to listen to you, to understand the personal needs and desires that you have, and at the same time, to help you discover your inner beauty and to celebrate that. We combine the most up-to-date continuing education and training techniques with our unique artistic skills to create a stylish and attractive look that suits you. We guarantee that when you leave our salon, you will feel confident and beautiful!


Mary Ngo, The owner of Shear Honesty, was born in the rustic village of Hai Phong, Vietnam. Having survived a destitute childhood, Mary learned the definition of hard work and dedication very early in her life. Working as a teacher, she always strived to provide a better life for her family and for herself. Mary arrived in the United States in 1997, ready to work hard to pursue a career that would bring her joy and fulfillment. Mary graduated from the USA Beauty School International in 1999 with High Honors, finally on a path to realize her dreams. Combining her teaching experience with her talents for art and design, and an innate sense and love of beauty, Mary continues to bring inspiration and happiness every day to the many men, women and children who visit her salon.